Friday, May 07, 2010

I Am A Womanizer [Riddle]

I am a well-known womanizer. You are a beautiful woman whose good looks have been obscured by years of abuse by your alcoholic and violent husband, I offer you the following preposition: Within my day-to-day duties as police officer, I search your house for drugs, then I kill your husband in tacky self-defense and move in. I promise you that I will take care of your house and your large extended family, and everything is going to be all right. But either out of cluelessness or dishonesty I do nothing of the sort and your family quarrel among themselves for the pettiest of reasons, they are a rough bunch and they understandably don't like me, you are so dumbstruck by the abruptness of change that you are incapable of shaking yourself out of lethargy and the house falls so much in shambles that you sometimes wonder not-so-secretly whether you were better off.

Although I'm nailing you day and night, and I'm thankful for all that pussy. I cannot help but feel somewhat dismayed and disappointed for how things turned out. and although I can just simply leave I offer you to come to my house, change your name and forget about your troublesome family until you can get your self together on your feet.

My question is: how should you feel about me?


Don Cox said...

I don't know how she _should_ feel, but my guess is that she would slowly convert the policeman into a violent alcoholic.

Lynnette In Minnesota said...

A thinly veiled allusion, Abbas.

My question is: how should you feel about me?

I showed your post to someone without telling him who you were, or your background, so he wouldn't know what you were alluding to. His response to your question was that you were a murderer and a poor provider, but not a womanizer.

I just thought you might find a totally objective view interesting.

As to how I think the "woman" should feel, I don't think it is a question of should. Because there are "women" out there who have the strength of will to adapt to anything and prosper. And there are those who either through their own inability to adapt, or bad luck, will have a very difficult time. So their feelings will be very different and there can be no "should".

Nice to see you posting again, Abbas. I hope all is well where you are.

Jon in Maryland said...

Or, a thinly veiled illusion, possibly a delusion. The "I" of your allegory may have been deluding himself by thinking that he could help the woman by turning her world upside down, but he may also not have had any conscious realization of his own ignoble motives. And I doubt that he will, even if he's now much more aware of his own previously unrecognized motives, invite her to move into his house. I agree with Lynnette that there is no "should" for the woman, looking at it as just a realistic story, since every human being is different. Even looking at it as an allegory, I don't think there is a "should." Not without more detail, particularly about what the "I" feels, contributes, makes clear in words and actions. Is he just a womanizer, without feelings for her? Just a murderer, who can do that just as matter-of-factly as have sex (without feelings of love?)? But if he does invite her to move in with him, is it with a marriage proposal? Is there some indication of love? (We're back to the story here, not the allegory!)

Lynnette In Minnesota said...

One has to wonder, doesn't everyone have unrecognized motives(good or bad)?

Why are a man and a woman attracted to each other in the first place?

Why did this woman fall into this abusive relationship?

Why does the "I" ask her to move in with him? Guilt? For killing her abuser? For not being able to stop her family from fighting? But how can a womanizer feel guilt? By definition he doesn't feel for anyone but himself.

I am also starting to wonder if Don Cox wasn't right about her converting him into an alcoholic.

Anonymous said...

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Lynnette In Minnesota said...

Is your blog name the same your true identity? Why?

tsk, tsk, is not proper netiquette to ask pesonal questions like that...

(Yes, yes, I admit freely that I stole the term "netiquette" from An Italian. *sigh*)

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