Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Discussing Angry Arab The Angry Arab Way

Angry Arab can provide solid insights at times, I especially endorse his war against Liberalwahabism, but his problem is that he sometimes looks too judgingly at other people's writings to whine about perceieved racism and ignorance, it often turns to be childish and obnoxious, especially when he commits that unavoidable human mistake himself, AbuKhalil thinks he knows everything about the Arab masses to condemn Westerners when they write something utterly preposterous and ignorant, but that is far from the truth. His major problem is that he thinks the whole [Arab] world must revolve around Palestine, everything else must chalk up to his insane belief in that struggle: For example, look at how he describes the Badr militas here:
The real record of the commander of the Badr sectarian Shi`ite militia (which terrorized the Palestinians in Iraq)....
By Angry Arab logic, it means that the Badr militas are only worthy for condemnation when thy terrorize the oh-so-sacred Palestinians, all their other sins are mere pebbles compared to this holy offense, how knowledgable.


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